2 x Waffle Weave Window Cloth 40cm x 60cm


The Waffle Weave Window CLeaning Cloth is your ultimate solution for achieving spotless, streak-free windows and mirrors. Designed with premium materials, this cloth enhances your cleaning routine with its superior efficiency.

Constructed from a high quality microfibre material, this cloth is highly absorbent, ensuring a streak-free finish without the need for chemical cleaners. Its exceptional absorbency eliminates smudges and fingerprints, revealing a flawless, polished surface. The durable and lint-free microfibre material is also gentle on delicate surfaces, preventing scratches and damage.

– Unique waffle weave pattern traps dirt and grime for effective cleaning
– Ample 40cm x 60cm size offers extensive coverage for efficient cleaning
– Highly absorbent microfibre material provides streak-free results
– Durable and lint-free, safe for delicate surfaces
– Versatile and suitable for a wide range of cleaning tasks, both car and home

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Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 1 cm

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